An Evening with President Lincoln An Evening with President Lincoln Uncle Billy's Balladeers These performers dressed in period-style clothing and perfomed both musical and speaking parts of the program, "An Evening with President Lincoln". The music included many ballads that would have been sung or played during the Civil War era, many of which, we are still familiar with today. 140763145 GHS President opens the meeting Mr. Robert Sharp of the Guilderland Historical Society, and Mrs. Lisa Gallant O'brien of the DAR, open "An Evening with President Lincoln" with introductions and a welcome to the program 140763146 President Lincoln President Lincoln reads his response to Horace Greeley. 140763147 President Lincoln's bodyguard One of President Lincoln's bodyguards describes just how difficult it could be to keep track of President Lincoln. He described some of "old Abe's" tricks to get away from them for some privacy and his favorite hideaways, which included the telegraph office. Lincoln was fascinated with the latest telegraph technology and was the first world leader to use this technology to communicate directly to his generals on the battlefield via telegraph, before, during and after a battle! 140763148 Old Hellebergh Chapter NSDAR The members of The Old Hellebergh Chapter NSDAR, pose with President Lincoln. They were co-sponsors of this event. Front row: Trudy Hutchinson, Gwen Bondi, Dee Strnisa, Pam Crandall-Luby, Norma Gardiner, Suzanne Hogan and Mary Hughes Second row: Lisa Gallant O'Brien (Regent), June Hunter, Susan Wood Fabiani Third row: Angela-Marie Fabiani, Abraham Lincoln 140763149 Posing with the President, Lincoln that is! Guilderland Historical Society Trustee Bill Johnson and his daughter Alexa, pose for a photo with President Lincoln. 140763320 The Vice-President meets the President Guilderland Historical Society Vice-President, Mary Ellen Johnson, meets President Lincoln and thanks him for his presentation. 140763321 Mrs. Bixby and a player for Uncle Billy's Balladeers This is the character of the widow, Mrs. Bixby, dressed in period style clothing. 141015860 Players in Uncle Billy's Balladeers 141015861 Lincoln recites Second Inaugural Address 141015862 President Lincoln reads letter to Mrs Bixby President Lincoln reads a letter of condolance to Mrs. Bixby, who lost 5 sons in the Civil War. It was a moving moment for the audience. She made a great sacrifice for her country. 141015863 President Lincoln recites the Gettysburg Address 141015864 President Lincold speaks to the audience. 141015865