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Guilderland Historical Society Photo Archives

Every few months, we will publish some of the photos from our collection. This month features photos of "GUILDERLAND RAILROAD STATIONS". These selections come from various GHS calendars. Some of the captions have been updated.

These photos will give the viewer a sense of how much things have changed over the years. 

Meadowdale Station

Originally Guilderland Station, Meadowdale Station was built in 1864 by the Albany and Susquehanna RR. The train order signal indicates that there were no messages. The mail crane (or picking up bags at speed) is empty. The station was demolished in 1931.

Altamont Railroad Station

Altamont Railroad Station was built in 1897 by the Delaware and Hudson Railroad. Photo is taken from an old colored postcard photographed in 1910. The station has since  been renovated and is the home of The Altamont Free Libray.

Carolyn RR

"All Aboard" at the Carolyn RR, also known as the GT & L, located on Gipp Road in Westmere. The  picture was taken in the mid-1950's.

DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS LOCATION? Is it in Guilderland? If you know where this location, identified as "MERCLES LUNCH", is located, please email us at Thanks!